Our guides and advice on recruitment SEO

We’ve been building and optimising websites in the recruitment sector for nearly 20 years. To get the best results it’s important to consider your SEO and optimisation objectives even before you start building your next website. Equally, if you’ve launched your shiny new site you can now optimise this to perform to its full potential.

Although there’s a tonne of useful SEO guides on the web such as Moz Introduction to SEO we feel that a guide specifically focused around SEO and the very unique challanges in a very competitive market will allow you to gain the advantage over your competitors.

Who is this for?

To help you understand our process, we’ve created the ultimate guide to any marketing teams who are in the recruitment sector looking to build their next recruitment website. We provide a full SEO and optimisation service as well as training and reporting when required.

Where to start?

Our guides are useful independantly but if you’re able to follow these logic steps to get through a robust process:

  1. Design the optimal site structure
  2. Building a keyword strategy
  3. How to create content for candidates and clients

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