Written by Renaud Clarke

Why should you change your website?

There’s a number of reasons why you might want to change your recruitment website, in my 20 years of building websites, it’s usually down to the business moving forward and the website doesn’t reflect their values, brand and positioning.  I have to say that I don’t always feel this is the only reason you should change your site and in fact, there are some even more important factors you should consider.



Although this list isn’t in any particular order, I do feel that if your site is not working hard to win you business then it’s letting you down. This conversion theme runs across all websites, not just recruitment. e-Commerce shops should be selling, company sites should be bringing in leads and recruitment sites really should deliver both fresh and unique candidates as well as clients and new jobs.

When I’m talking about conversion, this term is derived from the old sales funnel. Back in the day when users used to pick up the yellow pages and ring a few companies, you’d listen and be sold too. These days this has been replaced by doing your own research online, usually via content or some social re-enforcement and referral.


On Brand

OK, so it’s probably the most regular and frequent reason why you want to change your website. We often spend a huge amount of time and energy in building website and it’s a fantastic feeling to get the site live and running but I guess that often when the hard work should start. Before you realise it’s been 3 years since you’ve updated anything and your business has moved on and it’s doesn’t reflect the business.

Take a look at these old school website from the best known recruitment brand. I have no idea why they are all blue.


Reed 1997.

Hays 2000.


Michael Papge 2000.

Rober Half 2001


When marketing teams move on so does the knowledge. Often technology and system are picked due to internal competence and this is sadly lost in SME as this moves with the individuals. This is why we truly believe that WordPress is the industry standard and the entire believe that our platform continues to grow in numbers because it’s the safest and stable reason.


My own checklist

So here’s a really good checklist I use when I’m talking who are thinking of changing their website.

  1. Before you start think about what you actually want to deliver. Don’t just ask a bunch of agencies to come in a pitch, seriously it’s a waste of everyone’s time and you won’t know which to pick as they will all approach it completely differently.
  2. It’s a bit like building a race car in a competitive market. Once you’ve built the car, it won’t perform without more investment in SEO or some form of inbound/outbound activity. So take a look at the whole picture and not just the build.
  3. Do some initial research by taking some time to review the best players in the market. Why do you like them? style? functionality? usability? These are all really important and if you want to compete in line with these players take some time to understand why.


Take a look at our guide to planning your next Recruitment website, we’re adding content each day and provides essentials tricks and guide to building the perfect recruitment website.


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