Written by Renaud Clarke

Conversion is key but content will always be king

The connection between content marketing and conversion rates has been the subject of countless marketing discussions for the best part of a decade. Although the digital marketing landscape moves quickly, this is still a connection that is relevant today.

The Proliferation of Digital Content

There is simply no denying the fact that the Internet is now awash with a variety of different types of content and vast quantities of new material is being created and published every single day.

Increasing numbers of recruitment businesses are attempting to boost their own online visibility and content creation sits at the heart of every marketing team’s digital strategy. Why? Well, because it is an integral component of enhancing those all-important conversion rates.

Content and Brand Awareness

One of the primary goals of every good content marketing strategy is to increase brand awareness. Content creation is an excellent way to enhance the ways in which your recruitment business interacts with your clients and candidates by showcasing your values and delivering a consistent, relatable message.

Additionally, demonstrating a commitment to creating content that answers the questions or addresses the issues your clients or candidates are facing also tells them that you understand their needs and have something of value to offer them. This will help you to establish and nurture a sense of trust, which will drive loyalty and contribute to improved conversion rates. But remember, none of this is possible if your audience don’t know that you exist.

Content, Organic Rankings and SEO

A core component of a strong search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, high-quality content will secure stronger organic rankings and boost your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Higher rankings will lead to additional traffic but it is essential to ensure that your content is shaped to attract the convertible traffic that you need. It is one thing to secure further traffic streams to your website, but it is quite another to ensure that this additional traffic is comprised of clients and candidates in relevant sectors and disciplines who can be successfully channelled into your sales funnel.

Content and Social Media

Every business needs a considered social media strategy to effectively connect with the market and engage in meaningful conversations that will translate into sales and conversions. Crucially, your social media analytics can provide clear insight into which types of content are driving the most successful results.

In addition to carefully timing your social media posts to reach your ideal audience when they are engaging with each platform, you must also share consistent content which represents your brand’s image, personality and values. Inconsistent messaging is confusing and will only drive your audience away.

Devising a Successful Content Strategy to Boost Conversions

Although content is an integral part of digital marketing, many recruiters find it tricky to create high-quality, compelling content that will help them to boost conversions. The good news is that content plays a significant role during every stage of the conversion funnel, which means that you have a range of opportunities in which to drive sales.

– Awareness Content

Optimised awareness content will help you to attract convertible traffic and can be anything from a well-researched article, engaging blog post, or conversation-inducing Tweet.

– Educational Content

The intent of educational content is always to create a level of interest around your target sectors, role types and services. Your focus shouldn’t be centred around discussing the benefits of your services, but rather showcase precisely how they will ultimately benefit your clients and candidates. Educational content can take many forms, including video tutorials, blog posts and infographics.

Optimising Content for Conversions

The key with any type of content you produce is to ensure that it is fully optimised to deliver the best results.

– Social Media Visuals

Social media is an excellent channel through which to generate high-quality leads because you can both engage with an existing audience and connect with new potential clients and candidates simultaneously. Standing out on busy social platforms requires strong visuals that can capture attention and support your messaging.

– Landing Page Content

As landing pages are the first thing your visitors will see when clicking through to your website, the content housed here needs to be compelling and encourage them to continuing engaging with your site. Every landing page needs a strong headline, concise copy, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) but you could also choose to augment these elements with reviews, testimonials and video content.

– Relevant Content

Many businesses churn out content that doesn’t have any impact on their conversion rates because they haven’t taken the time to determine what their audience wants to see. Relevance is essential if you want your audience to find your content useful, which clearly you do because this is precisely what will communicate to them that you are a recruiter that understands their needs.

The creation of engaging and useful content designed to specifically appeal to a particular target audience will continue to help recruitment firms with clear strategies to drive additional conversions long into the future. From engaging potential clients and candidates to communicating precisely how your firm can deliver value, high-quality content is a powerful tool that every recruiter should be utilising.

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