Written by Renaud Clarke

Tips For Recruiters – How To Write The Best Job Advert

The job market is enormous. It is necessary as a recruiter to stand out from the crowd – now more than ever. One way this can be achieved is by writing amazing job ads. I’ve put together these recruitment tips to help you write a job advert that commands attention. If you want to engage your target audience and ultimately encourage them to apply for the position – follow these steps. 

Know Your Audience

First and foremost you need to consider the psychological journey of your potential candidate. Why are they unhappy in their current job? Maybe they’re overworked and underpaid? Or there could be little room for development in their current position.

What do you think would actively encourage them to look for a new job? An element in their life might be changing – maybe they require a higher salary or flexi-time. The possibilities are endless. But it is imperative that you understand who you are writing for in order to engage with them.

It is also worth thinking about the type of person that would be best suited to the role. Also consider the character that this sort of role typically attracts. Then align this information with what the candidate is looking for in a job. The role may require a lot of public speaking, ideally you will be looking for a candidate that works well under pressure and that can deliver a speech/presentation in a clear and concise fashion.

Think about previously successful candidates for this role. What attributes did they have and what attracted them to the role initially, furthermore tap into what they enjoy about the role and use this information in your job ad.

Command Attention

Think about your formatting. Is it clear that the headings are headings or do they just blur into the paragraphs? Job adverts needs to be clear so the reader can find the information they are looking for. We have a habit of scanning before we commit to reading something in full. Bold and obvious headings will help draw the reader’s attention. You need to give the potential candidate all of the information in an easy to read format. Bullet points are also a really useful way of breaking down big chunks of information. Conveying what the role is about without weighing the reader down with an overload of information is key. Pick a nice font, make sure it’s the right size and steer clear of italics.

SEO Is Super Important

When it comes to writing job ads SEO is vital, why? Well, think about how many people are out there looking for jobs online….. A LOT. There are millions of people searching for jobs online every day. Which means they are inputting millions of keywords to find their dream job. These keywords can be used to your advantage by helping you write a job ad that commands attention. It’s important to remember that your ad shouldn’t be overloaded with keywords because Google will punish you for that.

Watch Your Wording

Unfortunately a lot of job ads are pretty boring to read. Some to the extent that a jobseeker will simply scan the brief.  They might even lose interest almost immediately ultimately ending up on your competitor’s website. Make it fresh and exciting, appeal to your target candidate – what type of language are they using? I think we can agree that a Nuclear Physicist and a Sales Director may have different requirements from their workplace. This should be conveyed in the job ad through language that is specific to them. For instance a Nuclear Physicist might not be attracted to a loud and bustling workspace – because their work requires a specific environment. The same theory applies to a Sales Director – who typically might thrive in that exact environment.

Don’t Babble

This one is pretty obvious but you often see ads stuffed with a lot of unnecessary information. Keep it simple. Sure, the reader needs to know the location – but they don’t care if it’s a newly refurbished office complete with mezzanine flooring. Be clear and concise.

Be Clear

Explain clearly what the company does and what they are looking for – sounds simple enough right? But yet so many job ads complicate matters by being crammed with technical terms. These cause problems as most folks wouldn’t fully understand them unless they worked for the company. Some job adverts go OTT with buzzwords and mention ‘benefits’ like bean bags – these are not benefits. Neither of these approaches will engage the candidate or make them feel like they understand the requirements of the role. You need to connect with your candidate, you can achieve this by clearly conveying the job role. Include the requirements and responsibilities that are involved – also include the benefits of working for the company….but leave the bean bags out.


There you have it – 6 simple steps to create the perfect job ad. Follow these steps and never write a boring job advert again!

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