Written by Renaud Clarke

Ideal site structure for a recruitment website

In this guide we’ll take a look at how to plan and build the best recruitment site structure for SEO and internal link building.

If we take a deeper dive into the recruitment site structure we can see a conventional theme running through most of them. A hierarchical structure linking from the homepage allows for four levels of content.  This frequently used site structure also has the added benefit that on each level you can link in other levels and throw in the freshes new content from the bottom right back to the top.

Each of these should be a landing page with deep links and some cross-pollination to increase your internal link structure.


Without question the homepage is the most important page of your website, it usually contains the highest value and sign-posts your users to the relevant content. That said it requires clean and simple access to the sectors or disciplines with fresh content from the jobs layer (e.g. our most recent jobs).


This is often a complicated taxonomy as some recruitment agencies don’t always work across different sectors. For example, you might work across, Healthcare, Transport and Finance, this is easy to display your sectors but if you work purely in Accountancy and your candidates will work in any sector, it’s not always possible to list all sectors. You really should try and display these pages to the root level of your domain e.g. domain.com/finance and not in some folder e.g. domain.com/sectors/finance as this will lose a bit of weight.

Job titles

For each of your sectors or disciplines, you should list and develop a landing page for all of your job titles. This landing page should contain unique juicy content which is unique and helpful, providing the user with career paths, case studies and of course the latest jobs.

Job Pages

The final link in the chain is to arrive at the job page. This is the conversion page and should be well linked from all above landing pages.


Why not download our Google Drawing to get you started with a recruitment website sitemap?

Download Sitemap Template

To give you a headstart why not take a look at the FoxNitro Template Map. This is a list of all the templates in the FoxNitro platform, although all our site can be bespoke, we always start here and work with the client to build their own wesbite sitemap.

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