Written by Renaud Clarke

Creating content for recruitment agencies

Creating engaging and relevant content is a great investment. It’s a bit like fuel, if you get this right then you’ll have clients and candidates flooding through the door.

Back in the old days users used to pick up the yellow pages and give a couple of companies a ring and make their decision based on their calls. These days the internet has taken over much of this research and education is largely done via reading content online. Typically users will google a question and will be infulenced by what they read in the form of articles, data and social re-enforcement (just like FoxNitro). We do this in an attempt to build relationships and ultimately convert you from an unknown user into customer or client.

If you look at the above diagram you will see how we organise content into a funnel:

Top of funnelEngagement / RetentionPodcast, infographics, tips, advice and anything worth sharing.
Middle of funnelEvaluationCalculators, surverys, resources, Webinars
Bottom of FunnelConversionJob pages, Job applications forms, Client job upload forms.

In recruitment this still very much applies. For example 85% of all candidates start their recrtuitment process with a search engine. What they search is the key to connecting with them with some form of content. Fortunately there’s some decent data to proove that other forms of content are just as effective and up for grabs!

Effective content for recruitment:

  • Employee interviews
  • Q&As
  • Guides
  • Career blogs
  • Join us page

Researching your content themes can be time consuming but you’re able to find some real niches, and build engaging rich content you’ll be rewarded with good relevant traffic at a fraction of the cost of job boards. It also important to mention that creating content should be part of your regular marketing mix. Regular content addition will ensure Google returns to your site and improve your domain authority.

[Why not let us do the hard work? If you’d like a professional to discuss your requirements, we can produce a content strategy for you. ]

Content Calendar

So how to keep yourself focused on a years’ content to be written? We create content calendars and they’re super handy. It’s a great way to keep focused and prepared for the content you’ll be releasing each month.


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