Written by Renaud Clarke

Why your recruitment website needs to command attention

Recruitment is an extremely competitive industry, one which is evolving all the time with developments in technology and advances in social media which change the market. In such an active space, it is vital that your recruitment firm stands out from the crowd and one way to do this is to ensure that the business has an impressive website.

An online presence is everything in modern recruitment, so it is crucial that your recruitment website commands attention online and represents your brand and value proposition correctly. An immersive online presence enables you to effectively market your firm to clients and candidates alike, establishing credibility in your chosen sectors.

Attracting clients and candidates

A high-quality website is, without doubt, the most important digital asset for any recruitment firm. It represents you online and it must work for you 24/7, attracting clients and candidates alike. Almost any recruitment business lives or dies based upon the creation of a pipeline of fresh leads on both sides of the hiring equation. With a less than perfect website, your target audience may struggle to find you, let alone decide to use you. This means that your domain name must be relevant and your site must be top-notch. As with most things in life, you only get one chance to make that vital first impression.

Branding and consistency

Your website represents your firm so when people visit the site, they must recognise your company brand. This means that your website should reinforce your brand identity, with logo, typography and messaging fully aligned to your other marketing collateral. Service providers are now embracing the same level of omni-channel consistency long since exploited by leading B2C service providers and retailers.


In addition to looking great, with your logo in prime position, the website should contain high-quality content and be functional. You can have the best-looking website in the world but the simple fact is that if it is isn’t easy to use, people won’t use it. It is crucial for a recruitment website to be functional. If clients or candidates don’t find the site accessible and convenient, they will simply look to one of your competitors. To ensure that your recruitment website is user-friendly, it should have easy navigation, a search function and high-quality content. Make sure that any job posts, in addition to all other content, are well written and engaging.

Ethos and USPs

Whereas the recruitment industry of old may have been about making a deal and moving on, there is now far more of a focus on developing long term relationships. Reputable recruiters want to build their client and candidate base over time. Your ethos and unique selling points (USPs) will no doubt be designed with this in mind and should be clearly communicated on the site.

Candidates are looking for a recruiter that is going to take the time to place them in the right role and that will support them over the course of their career, finding appropriate positions. Clients have complementary aspirations, looking for the best hires who will stay in-role and deliver a strong return on their investment in recruiting and onboarding. Messaging for both parties needs to reflect this and demonstrate your unique abilities and insights in achieving this.


So, your recruitment website looks great, reflects your branding and contains high-quality engaging content. Just don’t forget to have a clear call-to-action so that visitors to the site don’t simply pass you by. Many firms fall down at this stage and fail to encourage visitors browsing the site to actually take the desired action.

An obvious call-to-action on each page can create vital leads. The key is to make it easy for your prospective clients or candidates to make contact, sign up to your email or alerting list, or enquire. Too many sites make it easy for them to simply drift away from the site.

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