Written by Renaud Clarke

Why it’s important to convey company culture through your site

As any recruitment business owner will tell you, the market is tough and competition for the best clients, candidates and recruiters is extremely fierce. So the front end of the business – its website – becomes more critical than ever in securing competitive advantage.

From the first point that your target audience lands on your page and experiences your recruitment brand, they will be forming an opinion about your firm, its values, its culture and your ability to meet their needs.

So it’s essential to accurately portray your company culture for each target audience. Let’s look at them in turn.

Why your recruitment company culture matters to clients

It’s a big deal to choose a recruiter. Many businesses work with long-term agency partners by preference. If a client is landing on your website, then they are considering your business and wondering whether your recruitment services can help to deliver their own business the talent that it needs.

Your recruitment agency culture will tell them what sort of business you are and this will help them to form an opinion of your brand and your ability to meet their needs. For example, a recruitment business which takes the time to talk about its culture online is clearly interested in more than just sales commissions. It is interested in people, relationships and long-term mutual benefit.

The client may also see examples of shared cultural attributes or values, which will give them confidence in your ability to develop a mutually beneficial partnership. For example, perhaps this potential client has a powerful commitment to customer service at all costs and is looking for talent that shares that absolute passion for going above and beyond when it comes to customer experience.

If your agency conveys a similar passion for putting the customer first in everything that it does, you already speak a shared language and common goals. This helps to create trust.

Why your culture matters to candidates

Recruitment agencies of old sometimes had less than stellar reputations for simply chasing down commission payments. They would do anything to close their deal – at all costs – and nail that bonus cheque. But today, recruiters are focusing on long-term relationships with their stakeholders.

Recruiters can show how their culture is set-up to reward long-term success, such as placing candidates successfully in the roles which are really right for them and in which they are happy to remain working. The same recruitment agency may demonstrate that its candidates trust its recruiters to find them roles throughout their career as they progress along their path, demonstrating a long-term ethos of value, commitment and sustainable placement outcomes. These are messages that candidates want to hear.

Again, by conveying a culture which treats people as individuals and which welcomes diversity, a wide range of candidates will feel inclined to get in touch and to trust their precious CV in the hands of ‘people like them’ who will take time and effort to truly understand their needs.

By demonstrating that the culture at your agency is one of trust, respect and honesty once again, you signal that confidentiality is a given and that candidates can come to you for advice and direction, as well as anticipating a discreet process which doesn’t endanger their current working arrangement.

Why it matters to recruitment talent

Great recruiters may also be looking for a home to develop, grow and to evolve their own careers and potential. If you can convey your internal culture as a place where training, development, continual progression and mentoring is a given, you will instantly become attractive to great talent.

Tips for effectively communicating your culture via your website

So how do you ‘sell’ your company culture online? Here are some ideas:

1. Include your company purpose, mission and vision
2. Talk about your values
3. Include videos from your employees, talking about why they love to work at your firm
4. Embed a reviews section from candidates and clients
5. Make your people visible and tell their stories – to bring your culture and brand to life
6. Talk about why your company is a great recruiter – explain your processes, your perks, your training and development.
7. Invest in your corporate social responsibility activity and promote it
8. Be an ethical, socially-minded business and share it
9. Create an accessible website that meets diversity needs
10. Promote your quality accreditations and marks
11. Use engaging, lively and persona-driven language that meets your client needs, and which conveys transparency, honesty and trust
12. Use diverse imagery which reflects your broad audience

In essence, your corporate culture is very much your brand. Logos are one thing, but it’s your culture – your values and the way that you do things – that convey the truth of your brand. The more you can get this across on your website, the better for all your stakeholders.

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