Written by Renaud Clarke

Standing Out Digitally In The Recruitment World

It’s no secret that the recruitment sector is heavily saturated. There are tens of thousands of recruitment agencies vying for attention online and as such it is an extremely competitive industry. The recruitment industry is constantly changing. New technology and developments  in social media means that the market is transforming rapidly. In such an overcrowded and active market – it is imperative that your firm stands out from the crowd. 

Be Present

A high-quality website is, without a doubt, the most important digital asset for any recruitment firm. An online presence is everything in modern day recruitment. It is crucial that your recruitment website commands attention online. But it must also convey your brand and values correctly. An engaging online presence allows you to effectively market your firm to clients and candidates alike. It also helps you to establish credibility in your chosen sectors. 

All recruitment firms live or die based upon the creation of a pipeline of fresh leads. With a less than perfect online presence, your target audience will struggle to find you – let alone choose to use you. This means that your domain name must be relevant and your site must be top-notch. As with most things in life – you only get one chance to make that vital first impression. 

Take some time to really think about how you want to be perceived. Everything from your colour scheme to your choice of font is important. It is well worth working with a professional design team to help you hone your vision and develop a powerful website that represents every facet of your brand.

Branding is super important. The website represents your business so when people visit the site, they must recognise the brand. The company logo, typography and messaging must be fully aligned with the other marketing collateral. 

Be Functional

In addition to a great aesthetic, your website must contain high-quality content. Furthermore, it must be functional because you can have the best-looking website in the world but the simple fact is that if it isn’t easy to use, people won’t use it. It is crucial for a recruitment website to be functional. If clients or candidates don’t find the site accessible and convenient, they will simply look to one of your competitors. To ensure that your recruitment website is user-friendly, it should have easy navigation, a search function and high-quality content. 

Don’t forget to have a clear call-to-action so that visitors to the site don’t simply pass you by. Many recruitment firms fall down at this step. Typically they fail to encourage visitors browsing the site to actually take action. An obvious call-to-action on every page can create vital leads. The key is to make it easy for your prospective clients or candidates to make contact, sign up to your email or alerting list, or enquire. Too many sites make it easy for them to simply drift away from the site.

Be Social

Maintaining an active social media presence is a fantastic way of ensuring your business retains its position as an authoritative voice within your niche. Integrating social media channels into a website is great because this ensures that the most important digital asset is consistently updated with fresh content. In addition, this will promote your social platforms. It will also help you to create a strong and engaged community that can become powerful advocates for your services.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the three primary social networks that you should target. Each is home to a large professional audience. All of these channels facilitate the sharing of comprehensive, valuable and up-to-date information.

By optimising your website, social media and marketing strategy your online presence will significantly improve and ultimately help your recruitment firm stand out online.

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